"What inspires me most is the nature of Love within us all, and it's divine power  to heal and expand our mind, body and soul. I am fueled by my Love for others, as I see them as myself. My dream is to utilize my life as a Biracial American Navy Brat who was raised lovingly in both Christian and Muslim households, living in 6 states and attending 11 schools. . . as a father of two who had to bury his firstborn daughter. . . as a brother who has lost friends and family to gun violence & drugs. . . as a man who has survived heart surgery, cancer and homelessness. I'm inspired to utilize these experiences to help heal humanity as I've healed myself, curating a culture of Love and community. I've learned from the pain I've been blessed with, I see the beauty in it all as I'm creating art from the heart, channeling love in hopes of healing wounds and raising vibrations. I am happiest when I see all races, nations, religions dancing, laughing and singing together. It is in these moments we experience what World Peace & Love feels really like. I aim to do all I can to bring as many of those moments to life as possible. I Love you All. Nothing else matters." 


Sincerely, Know-Madik

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