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Bradley Mayo aka Know-Madik is a multi-talented, independent hip-hop artist, songwriter, producer, actor, voice-over artist etc. His voice & music has been featured on TV shows and broadcast such as 'Super Bowl LV'  on CBS, 'Power' on STARZ, 'Shameless' on SHOWTIME, FOX's 'Empire', ABC's 'For The People', NBC's 'Good Girls', 'L.A.'s Finest', MTV's 'The Hills' & 'Ex on The Beach', 'Siesta Key', Disney, ESPN, NHL Network, as well as official commercials for Netflix, TNT, UFC, Ducati, Adidas, BET, Peloton, Apex Legends (EA Games) etc.


Know-Madik's recent collaborations include, Deedotwill, Krista Marina, DePriest, Dirty Heads Julisa, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Sunshine Rob, Tim Myers, Something Sue, Steve Shebby, Nevahrest, Richard Vagner, Lizzy Jeff, A Cosmic Gift and more.


This world class performer has been an opening / supporting act for artist such as DJ Khalid, Tech N9ne, Murs, Leilani Wolfgramm, Magic!, Dirty Heads, Ace Hood, Common Kings, Shwayze, Leilani Wolfgramm, DJ Rocky Rock,  Sword Beach, Common Sense, Sublime with Rome, The Late Ones etc.


After recently surviving a near life-ending battle with cancer, he has released many singles including "Simple Things" & "All of Your Love" as well as multiple albums including the 18 song Conscious Hip Hop Album "KNOW" written and produced entirely by himself, the popular TV & Film music albums "KNOW-MADIK" & "CINEMADIK", as well as a new 6 song EP titled "618" produced by Deedotwill. Known for bringing all walks of life together by creating poetic and motivational songs that spread love and positivity around the world.

"Spreading Love's my Bread & Butter"

"What inspires me most is the nature of Love within us all, and it's divine power  to heal and expand our mind, body and soul. I am fueled by my Love for others, as I see them as myself. My dream is to utilize my life as a Biracial American Navy Brat who was raised lovingly in both Christian and Muslim households, living in 6 states and attending 11 schools. . . as a father of two who had to bury his firstborn daughter. . . as a brother who has lost friends and family to gun violence & drugs. . . as a man who has survived heart surgery, cancer and homelessness. I'm inspired to utilize these experiences to help heal humanity as I've healed myself, curating a culture of Love and community. I've learned from the pain I've been blessed with, I see the beauty in it all as I'm creating art from the heart, channeling love in hopes of healing wounds and raising vibrations. I am happiest when I see all races, nations, religions dancing, laughing and singing together. It's in these beautiful moments that we experience World Peace & Love. I aim to contribute all I can in this life to bring as many of those moments to reality as possible. I Love you All. Nothing else matters." 


Sincerely, Know-Madik



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