"What inspires me is Love and it's power to create unity and understanding. 

I am fueled by my Love for others and my dream is to utilize my life as a Biracial American Navy Brat who was raised lovingly in both Christian and Muslim households, living in 6 states and attending 11 schools. . . as a father of two who had to bury his firstborn daughter. . . as a brother who has lost friends and family to gun violence & drugs. . . as a man who has survived heart surgery, cancer and homelessness. I'm inspired  to use all of these experiences to help heal humanity as I've healed myself.  I've learned from the pain I'm blessed with, I see the beauty in it all as I'm creating  all of my music from the heart, channeling love in hopes of healing wounds and raising vibrations. I am happiest when I see all races, nations, religions dancing, laughing and singing together. It is in these moments we all agree and experience what World Peace & Love feels like.  I aim to do all I can to bring as many of those moments to life as possible. I Love you All. Nothing else matters." 


Sincerely, Know-Madik

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